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Alaska Tech Prep Renewal Process

Annual renewal for articulated agreements:

Annual renewal provides an opportunity to review agreements, ensuring that secondary program continues at a high quality and reflects updated curriculum to meet current industry standards. Below is the Consortium process for creating an articulation agreement. Each post secondary institution, campus or entity will provide additional details to address local circumstances in the renewal process.

Secondary Post-Secondary Tech Prep Facilitator Additional Comments
  Facilitator maintains a record for scheduling renewals. Agreements should be renewed at least one semester prior to offering.
Secondary and post secondary forward any changes to facilitator and the other partner. Facilitator contacts both secondary and post secondary to identify changes to the articulated agreement.  
  Facilitator uses electronic tool for scheduling meetings and uploading articulated agreement for viewing. Doodle is a free electronic meeting tool; Google Docs is a free service for sharing and editing materials
Secondary, post secondary partner(s) and facilitator meet.
Document is edited and initialed during the meeting.
  Facilitator will forward copies to appropriate entities as designated in initial articulated agreement.  

Coming soon:

  • Tech Prep 101 video clips
  • Sample syllabi from secondary and post secondary

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