Board of Regents

Pat Jacobson

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Term: 2007-2015

Patricia Jacobson of Kodiak was appointed by Governor Palin in 2007. Regent Jacobson grew up in southern Arizona. She graduated in 1969 from the University of Arizona with a BA in Elementary Education, and from the University of Alaska in 1972 with an MA in Elementary Education.  Regent Jacobson taught various elementary grades, primarily gifted classes, for 26 years, 25 of which were in Kodiak. She was appointed to the Professional Teaching Practices Commission (PTPC) by Governor Hammond in 1979. She received the Christa McAuliffe Fellowship for Alaska in 1992.  As a teacher, Regent Jacobson was active in Kodiak and Alaska NEA and is a life member of NEA-Retired. After retiring she worked independently for the Kodiak School District as the village technology liaison, serving all of Kodiak's villages and logging camps, until she was elected to the local school board, ultimately serving as its president.  

She maintains a current Alaska teaching certificate. She has been a lifelong hunter/fisher and has a lifetime membership in NRA. She is also a life member of the Kodiak Humane Society and is an active member of the Kodiak Pioneer's Club.                                                                       

                                                                             P.O. Box 8707                                                    
                                                                             Kodiak, AK 99615 
                                                                             (907) 486-3954 (home)

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