Benefit Summaries - Temporary Employees

Temporary employees: part-time students and others in temporary positions who have worked less than 1,040 hours (continuously) for the university. Temporary jobs are not classified as regular or term funded. Temporary employees do not earn sick leave or annual leave. They are eligible for the following benefits.


Retirement: Social Security and Medicare

The university pays the employer portion of Social Security and Medicare insurance premiums and employees also contribute.


Retirement: Tax-Deferred Annuities (TDAs)

Employees may contribute to tax-deferred annuities to supplement retirement income or defer taxable income. Participation is optional and subject to IRS limits on contributions.

For information call:


UAF 474-7700
UAA 786-4608
UAS 465-6473
Statewide 450-8200


This summary provides only an overview of employee benefits. Employees should consult The Handbook (pdf) for complete details. Other benefit information is also available at each regional Human Resources office.

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