Faculty Leave Programs


Sick Leave

All full-time faculty members accrue sick leave at 4.62 hours per biweekly pay period, prorated for part-time faculty.


Leave Share Program

Allows UA faculty members to donate sick leave hours to employees with a catastrophic medical crisis. Check the UAFT section on the Labor Relations Page for more information about the disability leave bank. See also section 8.5 of the UAFT Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Leave of Absence

Faculty members may take unpaid personal leave for up to one year (with the possibility of extension to a second year), subject to approval. See related policies regarding Family Medical Leave (which includes parental leave), Military, Jury Duty and Non-Medical leave policies.


Sabbatical Leave

Opportunity for intensive research and study for up to 12 months for eligible faculty members. Compensation of up to six months' full salary. Check the collective bargaining agreement on the Labor Relations Page for more information.

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